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Strategy Against the Happy Medium Player

Although there is a lot of strategy you can employ against the defensive and offensive player, there is rarely any strategy against the player who has a style that is strictly middle of the road. This is often known as the expert player, and to play an expert player, you need to be an expert player.

As said before, after mastering the fundamentals of the game gin rummy, the good player begins to follow a pattern and develop a style of play. He can take two different directions; the offensive play or the defensive play. The player who goes to either extremes will become a poor player over time, especially if playing the same people. They will eventually catch on to his style of play and will use the strategy of offensive or defensive play to play against him.

However, the player who can find not only a happy medium, but who can adjust his style of play to the various circumstances in which he finds himself, will become the expert. These circumstances include:

• That status of his own hand – On the deal, during the hand, and above all, the changing status of his own hand after each sequence of plays.
• The condition of the score
• His opponent

In partnership play the sequence of importance changes that the expert will take into account are the following:

• The condition at the beginning and during the play of his own hand
• The condition of his partner’s hand
• The count won or lost by his partner
• The score
• His opponent

This goes to say that since the happy medium player will take almost everything into consideration; it will be very hard to come up with any type of strategy that he will not figure out eventually. That isn’t to say that you certainly can’t try to throw him off his game, but chances are slim that he will fall for any of your “tricks” more than 1 time.

There are certainly plays that you can make to win the hand, but it is rare that you can fool an expert player into changing up his style of play. The expert player is the one that will always be psychologically aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Using that knowledge and their calm nature, they will eventually turn the tables around on you, putting you at a psychological disadvantage. What is your best defense against this happening to you? Become an expert yourself. Learn the game, study the game, practice the game, and eventually you too will become an expert yourself. You’ll then have the advantage of being a happy medium player, and in the end, you’ll become a winning player.

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