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The Score Sheet

If you are planning on playing Gin Rummy competitively with people that regularly play then it is advisable to come prepared with a standard score sheet. This score sheet consists of six vertical columns; three for each player or team. If you are playing at home with family or friends and are just playing for fun, then any plain piece of paper which is lined in this manner will work just as well. There should also be horizontal lines across the sheet to identify each score or line.

If you are playing singles, you should place the initial of one player at the top of the first three columns and the initial of the second player at the top of the last three columns. If you are playing a partners game the initial W is placed at the top of the first three columns, representing the word “we” which means the scorekeepers side. A T is placed at the head of the second three columns, representing “they”, which are the opponents of the scorekeeper. In some sections of the country the scores are headed with the initials of the players, or teams, but for the most part “we” and “they” are definitely more acceptable and easier to read and understand with a quick glance.

To prevent arguments at the end of the game, it is best to mark the stakes that are being played for at the top of the score sheet. Specifically this means how much money you are gambling for. This should include any bonus money that may have to be paid out. Virtually all games are now being played Hollywood style and though it may be understood that when playing Hollywood style the points of the last game are doubled, there is sometimes confusing regarding the stakes of each game. For example, if a game is being played for a penny a point, this means that the stakes are a penny a point for the first and second games, and a penny a point for the third game also. Since the actual points for the third game will be doubled, the stakes can be considered to be 2 cents per actual point. Many scorekeepers find that the easiest way to show the stakes of the game is to mark 1 cent above the first two game columns, and 2 cents above the last game column on the score sheet. If the score of the first game amounts to 800 points then this will amount to $8.00 which is a penny a point. If the second game is 700 points then it will mean you are playing for $7.00 for the second game. If the third game score is 600 points and the score is double, the total points then amount to 1200 which is $12.00.

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